Energy Efficient Solar Led Street Lighting 75W DC24V , High Luminance Solar Energy Street Lights

90% of electricity is converted into Solar Powered Led Street Lights


System No. CY-SSL-75w/240w/8m
LED Lamp 75W DC24V; superbright Bridgelux 45mil led chips, led luminance efficiency >120lm/W, IP66 guard level, aluminum housing, 50,000hrs lifespan.
Solar Panel 2pcs*120Wp 17.5V, high-efficiency crystalline PV module, IP65 junction box, A class; 20 years continuous power output guarantee
Controller 12V/24V auto-sensing, 10A; light/time intelligent control, high-efficient and accurate charging control; IP68 waterproof type, various protections
Battery 2pcs*12V120AH, solar special use valve-regulated fully sealed lead-acid battery, deep cycle, free maintenance type; 5-6 years lifespan
Battery Box PVC material, underground-buried type, waterproof and heat-dissipative design; including PVC cable tube
Pole Set 8m high, Q235 steel grade; hot-dip galvanized and spray coated treatment, including solar panel bracket, lamp arm and base plate (foundation not included)
Cable RVV2*4, international standard, 18m/set
Suggestion This configuration is recommended for road within 16m width



























Energy Efficient Solar Led Street Lighting 75W DC24V , High Luminance Solar Energy Street Lights


Solar LED Street Light---Storage Battery:

• Patent: have" easy connection strage battery" patent structure,can burled under-ground to installation,to avold pole corroded.

• Excellent recovery performance:use a special patented alloy and lead paste formula,have astrong capacity of recovery performance after deep discharge.

• Wide temperature range:-30℃--45℃.

•Long life: using gel electrolyte,no acid layer and has long life.

•Environment-friendly: not include Cadmium metal which is pollution to environment.With no leaking and ensured the battry's environmental protection and safety.



1. Above system configurations are designed to allow the lamp to work for 10hrs per night,

battery capacity with continuous 5 days backup. The configuration is based on scientific calculation and engineering project experience.

For clients' specific project, please tell us the exact installation location and working hours, so that we can provide customized solution and quotation accordingly.

2. The batteries are suggested to be placed in a underground buried PVC battery box. In this way, i

t can avoid overhigh temperature due to sunshine exposure or too cold weather in Winter. It's wateproofand,

heat-dissipative and theftproof, easy for replacement in late period.

3. The pole patterns are standardized practical model recommended by us. It can be customized with more patterns available according to clients specific requirement.

4. All Parts are CE/ROHS certified, with high quality level meeting European standards.

5. Please contact us for more detailed technical specification of each part of the system, which can be sent upon client's email


   Energy Efficient Solar Led Street Lighting 75W DC24V , High Luminance Solar Energy Street Lights


Solar Powered LED Street Lights

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